Term of observation of space. (Cofield 2016) For

Term Project Plan


The famous observatory I am going to be describing is the
Laster Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory. I think this observatory
is important because the gravitational wave observed by this observatory is
direct evidence to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity, and also a reliable
way of observing the universe other than using light but rather using sound.

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Lastly, by using the Interferometer at the observatory, we are able to deal
with matters that does not radiate light, which brings us to a new window of
observation of space. (Cofield

 For this project, I
will be making a video and submitting it by uploading my video onto YouTube and
providing a link to my video.





Calla. “‘New Era’ of Astrophysics: Why Gravitational Waves Are So

Important.” Space.com, 20 June 2016, www.space.com/33199-why-are-gravitational-waves-important.html.

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