1. customers and encourage them to buy

1.    The difference between promotion and marketing is as the following:Promotion is considered one of the four mix marketing besides product, place, and price. Promotion refers to advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity. There are different methods of sales promotion.Marketing is a more expanded concept because it is referred as a process of identifying customer needs, creating customer needs, and help in producing the product which addresses the customer’s needs. Then, the process continues to deliver the product features to the targeted customers with the price. Overall, marketing aims to clarify information for customers about the availability of the product, encouraging targeted customers to buy the product, and finally ensure that customers are satisfied with their product. The ultimate goal of marketing is benefiting the organization and all the other stakeholder to meet their various objectives.Promotion is a tool used to communicate with customers and encourage them to buy the products. The tool aims to convince customers to buy products by informing them about the product features, the price and the place where it is available. Overall, promotion ensures that customers have positive impression about the product while explaining the features, price, and place compared to other competitive products or substitutes. 2.    Promoting the promotion means to highlight the importance of the promotion as part of the marketing mix for the top line management of the entity. This is because promotion requires allocated time and money and this should be a main priority of the top management. This is because the return of the promotion is highly significant. Therefore, it is worth to invest money and time in such activity. Overall, this is what meant of the promotion the promotion which is the fact that promotion should be given a high attention as part of the marketing process. 3.    The main difference between the modern sports promotion mix and traditional promotion mix is the following:In general, the traditional promotion mix includes the following components: advertising, publicity, sales promotion, and personal selling. These are the main components of the traditional promotion that help to convince customers to buy the product by informing them about the features, the price, and the place of the product; while ensuring a positive impression by the targeted customers.But the sports promotion mix includes advertising, publicity, personal contact, incentives, atmospherics, licensing, sponsorship, and community relations. This is because sport promoting focuses on two objectives which are promoting the sport and sporting events and promoting the products and services related to the sport and sporting events.  Also, sports promotion includes promoting for products and services that are not related to the sports and sports event. 4.    a)    Sports marketing program effectively address the needs of the industry by identifying the current needs of the industry. While considering the social and cultural trends that are impacting sports marketing such as gender equal opportunities and the role of sports in health and fitness. The social and cultural impact both of the customers and audience of the sport. So, it is important to consider the concerns of any sport’s audience when implementing sports marketing program. There are other factors that need to be considered in order to have an effective sports marketing program such as completion from other industries, technological advancements, cost, ethical issues, economic conditions, academic role, and unexpected events.b)    The promotion content and sales management should focus on meeting the needs of the industry. The sports industry became more than just for hosting sports events. In other words, the new generation considers the sports industry as an enticement experience. Thus, the content should consider such perspective by adding activities that create this expected atmosphere. This includes the role of cheerleaders and other forms of entertainment. As well as, the item sales feature that includes selling T-shirts and gifts of teams; fans. Finally, the promotion content should be updated of the new advertisement channels such as the social media and forms of technological advancement that are utilized in the modern marketing.5.    The athletic program in school can be more effective when there is more involvement of students in regard training and join teams, attracting and encouraging audience to attend the school sport events from inside the school and the outside community, more sport achievements from student and ongoing reorganization and advertisements of these achievements, more funds of the sport school involvement and offering advantages toward sport students including scholarships for students, and encouraging businesses to sponsor sport teams in various forms.Furthermore, in order to have effective athletic programs, there should be a full integration of the sporting life within the school life. This is done by engaging other students to support the athletic programs, give the athletic students full academic program, and provide financial assistance to their school financial obligationsFinally, schools are expected to put the sports programs within their main priorities within their strategies. Also, schools are expected to put so much effort to find outside sponsorship for the athletic programs to maintain the sustainability of such programs. In the end, schools are expected to link these programs with the surrounding community and give them competitive advantages.