1. Lanario and he discussed with me the

did the first three (3) weeks of your practicum training run?

            I would say that the first three
weeks of my practicum training served as a learning curve as I familiarize
myself on the ins and outs of Recruitment — ­­­­Sourcing. On my first day, I
had a very short orientation with my supervisor Mr. Anton Rasheed Lanario and he
discussed with me the things that I will be doing for the duration of my
internship as well as their expectations of me as their student intern. It was
then followed by a side by side with one of the tenured Recruiter on the floor
(Charlene Bartolome). Charlene shared with me her best practices in sourcing
applicants for their vacant positions and she even allowed me to side jacked
with her while she’s conducting a phone interview. The following day they gave
me my own list of prospective applicants that I had to call and interviewed and
I did this for the first month of my internship. It was an overwhelming
experience to be honest and I enjoyed every bit of it.

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you have any concerns or questions pertaining to your training job?

I do not have any concerns or questions pertaining to
my training job as everything have been discussed properly during the

are your hopes during your internship?

Before I even start my internship I always hope that I
experience interviewing applicants and that’s what I was excited about. I also
prayed that the company that I will be working with develop me as one of the
best recruiter in the industry.

did you learn about working with others?

One thing that was etched on my mind when it comes to
working with others is showing respect with your co-worker no matter what the
circumstances are. Sometimes, it could be very difficult to be working with
other people who have different opinions and personalities but if you show
respect to them you can avoid quarrel or misunderstanding in the workplace. As
the saying goes “respect begets respect”.

situation that challenged you most?

What challenged me most during my internship was
overcoming intimidation when it comes to interviewing experienced applicants.
There were times when I had to interview applicants for the Corporate and
Support Roles and most of these people were Engineers and Accountants and they
have extensive experience in their own respective field. Sometimes they can be a
bit boastful in presenting themselves and it was evident in the way they answered
different interview questions.

did you overcome that challenge?

To overcome such situation I kept telling myself to
remain calm and not let their attitude get in the way. I also maintained a
professional tone of voice and expression and kept telling myself that I am the
one who has control of that interview.



skills did you enhance while interning?

Throughout the duration of my internship I had
enhanced my interviewing skills and decision making skills. I had to be very
critical in passing my judgement to our hiring manager on which applicants I
will endorse to the next level of the hiring process.

you think you are prepared enough to work in a real working environment after
completing this program?

I can confidently say that I am now ready to work as
an HR professional after my graduation. My experience in TPG Telecom equipped
me with the knowledge and experience that I could use to compete in my chosen

you think your training station is qualified to be one of your college

I would say yes, because TPG provides high caliber
training ground for aspiring interns. I highly encourage the students of NCBA
to consider them as their future employer in the future.

10.  Was there sufficient communication between you and
your Area Chairperson during your first three weeks training?

Yes, there was sufficient communication between me and
our Area Chairperson (Ms. Katelyn DJ Samson). She made sure that I and other
interns are updated with the latest news from the placement office through FB
or via monthly meetings.