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1.    How would you define and explain net neutrality to a neighbor who didn’t know much about the Internet?
Net neutrality addresses the issue of  internet service providers (or ISP’s) to treat all data and users the same. Under net neutrality, an internet service provider  would be forbidden to slow, limit or block access to the internet.

2.    Describe something you do online that depends on net neutrality.
I regularly use the internet for voice communication, texting, email, website research, shopping, streaming videos and  listening to music.   All of these tasks depend on net neutrality for unrestricted access.  For example, if I want to listen to music  or download videos, I do not want to have restricted choices of content or website providers and I also do not want to have any kind of limited access to retail providers when shopping online.

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3. What does John Oliver suggest they should rename Net Neutrality? Who does he ask people to contact?

In his video, the comedian John Oliver suggests that Net Neutrality should be renamed “Cable Company F*ckery”. Major cable companies are taking advantage of this new repeal by using their ability to slow down or block websites, and therefore charging these websites to avoid this treatment. John Oliver asks his audience and viewers to contact the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and voice their opposition to this repeal.

4. In your own words, what is your personal opinion about Net Neutrality? Explain your reasoning.
I believe that having net neutrality is very important. To me, the internet is a resource that provides the citizens of the world with unrestricted access to information and services. I am very much against the idea that it can be completely legal for an internet service provider to block or charge anybody from using a website. The whole point of the internet is to have freedom to access anything from anywhere in the world. I do not want an internet service provider to choose what I can and cannot access. Another aspect of this repeal that I do not agree with is the effect it will have on new start-up companies and small businesses without huge capital assets . Massive companies like Google and Amazon will  have no issue being able to pay to ensure they stay on top of their respective industries, but smaller companies trying to stay afloat with limited funds will have a hard time ensuring their content is shown on the web.