1. that help Christianity to teach the

1.    Hellenism is the things that used to describe the influence of Greek culture on the subjugation of Greek and Roman empire. And I think the Hellenism has lots of effect on the Christianity, it can make all myths of ancient near eastern culture, and made into a “primitive” new religion. Hellenism has five main effect on the spread of the Christianity, Gnosticism, Apatheia, Rejection of Monotheism, the Septuagint and Apologetics. Gnosticism is that the Greek beliefs about the physical and the spiritual realms. Apatheia that help Christianity to teach the best way to live is to understand nature and keep balance with nature instead of against it. Rejection of Monotheism is going to help Christianity incorporate the people who is foreign with Christian. The Septuagint is as the language translate for the spread of Christianity. And the Apologetics is like the defend belief though the speech and explanation.

2.    Greco-Roman religions differ from modern religion as seven parts. Religious organization and Hierarchy, doctrinal statements, sacred written authorities, belief about the afterlife, the separation of church and state and exclusive. These is indicated at different belief of gods, questioning gods, moral codes, myths, temple or the churches, priests, afterlife, festivals and sacrifices. For the god, modern religion will think is the god made the human, but the Greco-Roman thinks than god is from human. Afterlife the modern religion thinks the after death soul goes to heaven and Greeks souls went to an afterlife. Modern religion’s festival has several holy days during the year, but the Greeks festivals more than they do now. 

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3.    The Cultus Deorum is that people went to the church or the temple per week do the cult for the religion. Take the Christianity as the example, in the Catholic Church, the religious practice of religion is the technical term of Roman Catholic faith or worship, not the worship of God. The Catholic and Orthodox churches make a big difference in the cult of Laturia and Doria. They are the worship of God, the respect of saints, including the worship of Mary. I think some of them use the cultus deorum but some of them will use the different method from the other religion. Because they are not willing to have the same belief with them.