1. mostly be found in the scripture.

Yes all three sources inform us of our
theology. Each has its own unique approach to teaching us about our faith.

While there are only three sources, the important thing about hm is they are
rooted in the scripture. The lessons that they teach can mostly be found in the
scripture. Therefore scripture is another major source for learning about

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All three sources work together in
order to further our understanding of theological matters. The sources also
work together with one another so that we are rooted in the scripture and we
learn of the three sources simultaneously 

Sometimes when different people place
different emphases on different theological sources, it can lead to
misinformation and falsehoods being taught to the following generations. This
can be dangerous as some will purposefully change the scripture to what fits
their agenda and what they personally value. By doing this, the whole point of
traditions is undermined. 

Regula fidei or rule of faith is the
faith that was handed down from Jesus to the apostles, and from the apostles to
their followers. This includes prayers such as the Nicene creed and the
Apostles creed. Although not all is known about the prayers, we know it related
to tradition because the prayers were passed down from generation to

A primary source is a source that
provides direct or first hand evidence of an event. For instance scripture is a
primary source because it provides multiple accounts of historical and
religiously significant events. Other sources that are not primary verify the
primary source for instance, sometimes an personal experience can be so
powerful that it directly backs up the primary sources claims. The purpose of
other sources to to backup and verify the primary source.

The three tests were used to determine
whether or not a certain writing would be considered part of New Testament
“Scripture” The first step asked: “was the writing by an apostle or based on
the teaching of an apostle?” The seconds asks “was the writing universally accepted
by the church?” And finally the third question asked “does the writing claim
inspiration?” The three test fall under the realm on tradition as well.

Interpolation is the ideas and words we
find in the scripture and extrapolation is the words and ideas that are found

Our experiences and our interpretations
of them are crucial because they help to form our theology. Experience is
something that is real and something we experience first hand, therefore it is
considered the “primary source”

The author points out that any dismiss
experience for its “subjectivity” but in reality the experiences the person has
are truly objective and real events. He points out that while it is still
subjective, the objectivity should not be dismissed. He concluded saying that
experience is special because the subjectivity allows for a more personal
experience but he objectivity roots experience with the other sources

10.  The
author makes the claim that the three sources gives us direction and a moral
compass of sorts, and we can use what we learned from the 3 sources to apply to
things that aren’t inherently theolocal. These sources give our lives direction
and are special tools that we can use to live a moral and healthy life