1. and what to do with those who

The introduction of the new ViveSport line, caused a demanding
situations that can produce negative health outcomes, such as stress on employees through role demands.  Amongst other things, stress can cause more
days out of the workplace, which leads to non-production.  There is stress associated with the change
from where the equipment was previously geared towards seniors and now all
ages. Now the team must focus on how to relate and communicate with younger
generations—a different customer base.  The
team’s diverse workforce must understand the needs of customers which will make
the customers feel more at ease.  Additionally,
because of the company’s decision to not bring sales staff along with the
acquisition of the new product caused procedural inequity because with the new
product came increased workload and more frequent travel.

The second incident is the introduction of new technology which
changes the job characteristics.  That
impact can be positive by helping the ViveSport move forward.  More employers are using technology to
increase employees’ options for flexible work arrangements. Flexibility is a factor more and more
employees appreciate, especially when they strive to achieve work-life balance
or when they are situated in remote areas and still need to stay in touch with
the office.  On the other hand, it could
negatively affect job satisfaction and can cause additional stress because it
is difficult for all employees to grasp; simply put, people just are not good
with change.  For some employees, the use
of technology may impact whether they retain their jobs by acquiring new skill
sets or if the use of technology will make them dispensable. Employees whose
jobs duties threaten to be replaced through the use of automation and
technology solutions will either need to learn new skills or possibly face
employment challenges.  Leadership’s pressures
to implement the system can cause some employee’s production to decline or slow
because they are not technologically savvy.

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The final critical incident
involves keeping employees that will contribute to Vive’s goal and what to do
with those who are not producing.  Sanjay
must look at what his team as a whole is currently contributing to the goal.
Then figure out to how to individually make them all more efficient and
effective.  But first he has to attend to
those who lack employment engagement.  Sonja is focusing on 5 of the lowest
producing individuals assigned to his 25 member team. He will use the information
provided through previous evaluation and counseling to address short falls