1. not even gotten close to removing

1.      What
different sources of knowledge are illustrated in the article? Give specific
examples to support your answer. What are the potential limitations of these
different sources of information?

Trump promoted the fact that there have been so many American lives lost due to
the illegal immigrants coming into the United States. However, Trump’s statement
has no facts behind it whatsoever and is a complete ideological belief of his. Donald
Trump wants all United States citizens to believe that illegal immigrants are almost
an epidemic and almost wants to ignore the fact that there really is no factual
correlation between illegal immigrants and violent crime. A limitation of Trump’s
ideological belief is that once the media gets a hold of his false statements, the
entire country also believes that the immigrants are also the issue.

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2.      The
article presents a number of different “facts.” Select one fact and track down
the original source that supports that fact. Does the fact in the article
represent an accurate depiction of the information in the original source? Why
or why not?

fact that I have chosen comes from the handout that was given out by the White
House where one statistic showed that the U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) eliminated 2,798 “criminal gang members” in the year of 2017,
when Donald Trump was not in office for the entirety of the year. After
tracking down the original source that supports this given fact, Miriam
Valverde of Politifact noted that even though Trump removed all of the 2,798
gang members in 2017, “there’s an estimated 10,000 MS-13 gang members in the
United States” (Valverde, 2017). Even though Trump confidently boasted the
number of 2,798 gang members removed, technically, that number has not even
gotten close to removing fifty percent of those gang members in the United
States. Overall, the fact in the article was clearly misleading because yes,
Trump did remove a good chunk of the gang members; however when looking at the
overall picture, he still has a long way to go.


3.      How
would you test the claim made in the last paragraph of the article that greater
immigration enforcement will increase crime rates? What study design would be
most appropriate for answering this question?

order to test whether or not greater immigration enforcement will increase
crime rates, I would study a macro-level, cross-sectional view of metropolitan
areas that are highly populated with immigrants. In general, metropolitan areas
such as big cities tend to already have an increased crime rate. However, a
cross-sectional viewpoint would be beneficial at different times when there was
greater immigration enforcement and a time when there was less immigration
enforcement. The outcome of either more or less immigration enforcement would
show how it correlates with crime rates and whether or not it would deter the
immigrants or people in general from committing future crimes.