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1) The purpose of theory in a professional discipline: Is to help make nursing its own distinct practice. Nursing theories separate the scope of practice from other healthcare professions. They provide information about what actions the nurse is responsible for delivering compared to what a physician or a patient care technician would. Nursing is a discipline profession due to nursing’s specific methods and procedures that aim to provide care to patients and their families.  The purpose of theory in professional discipline is to guide our thinking to make sense of our surrounding.  As a nurse, that means we use theory approaches to anticipate what may happen in the future, understand the processes that patients are going through, and find ways to provide better care for patients and their families.  For an understanding of the situations to occur, one must have the necessary knowledge to make sense of their surroundings. “Theories are patterns that guide thinking about, being and doing nursing. (Parker & Smith, 2010).” Nursing theories encourage nurses to use their knowledge to make ideas based on assessment data that the patient may present. Methods have been used to guide nursing students and nurses to communicate effectively. Communciation is an immense responsibility of nurses; it is essential for patient education, client satisfaction, and to build trusting relationships.  In summary, the purpose of theory in the nursing professional discipline is to distinguish nursing as a practice of its own, encourage creativity, know the importance of communication, and help us make sense of the knowledge we know. 2. The importance of nursing to essentially have theoretical frameworks is so nurses have a base structure from where they can deepen their knowledge. Theoretical frameworks are implemented in hospitals and clinics to guide understanding of the foundations of nursing prescribed by Florance Nightingale and other nursing theorists. Theoretical frameworks also further the development of the nursing profession.  “It must be open and adapting and extending to guide nursing endeavors and to reflect the development within nursing. (Parker & Smith, 2010).” To value the nursing practice and provide excellent care students and nurses should be taught theories which give us evidence-based data to support the methods that nurses perform and that shows how they have improved patient care.