1. upon a merger to become the


Indian telecom sector is the  fastest 
growing  sector in the current Indian
economy Scenario but at the same time it is a highly unstable sector due to
current competition. It has connections over 11.1 billon which makes it second
largest in global scenario with a continuous growing CAGR  of  19.6%  driven
by an exponential surge in data consumption in the recent few years. India
ranks among top five countries across the world in highest internet users and
is speculated to rank as the fourth largest market by the year 2020 with two
out of every three mobile phones to be smart phones. Collaborative efforts by
numerous players in the market, Telecom Services Providers (TSPs),
infrastructure companies, regulatory bodies and the government have nurtured
the Indian telecom market and the same is expected to cross the INR 6.6
trillion2 revenue mark by the year 2020. But still advances are needed in the
sector due to current scenarios  ,
despite the growth numbers and an upward trajectory, significant enhancements
have to be made in the IT and telecommunications ecosystems for greater
efficiencies and sustained growth. Thus, the Indian market provides telecom
service providers with a large untapped potential, given the country’s
increasing population and its low tele-density. The Government has plans to
raise tele-density to 80-85 per cent by 2020, thereby offering greater growth
opportunities for service providers. No doubt, there has been a revolutionary
shift in telecom growth in India in the last decade, several lacunae persist
and need sustained policy attention to achieve a just distribution of telecommunications

Vodafone India is the Indian subsidiary of UK-based Vodafone Group plc, the world’s second-largest mobile phone company, and is a
provider of telecommunications services PAN india.  Vodafone India has a
market share of 18.42% with approximately 200 million subscribers and is the second largest mobile
telecommunications network.

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Idea Cellular  is an Indian mobile network operator based at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Idea is a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering 2G, 3G
and 4G mobile service. Idea has 193.96 million subscribers as of 31 July
2017 making it the third largest teleco.

Currently to cope-up current scenario both teleco has agreed upon a
merger to become the largest teleco in the telecom sector by using their common
network assets efficiently