1.0 government are responsible to the educational




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research are focuses on many aspect like the background of the study which is
refer to innovation of education and the challenges especially for the ministry
of education to implement it. In this chapter, the discussion are focuses on
the background of the study, problem statement, research question and also
research study. Moreover, the significance of study also will be discuss in
this chapter.



Education is
the process of learning, achieve new skills, belief, values, knowledge and
habits (Bloom,
Engelhart, Furst, Hill, & Krathwohl, 1956). The methods of learning can be
discussion, storytelling, teaching, training or direct research. In this simple
word, education is a system that change the overall civilization. Education
also has been referred as tools of social and cultural reproduction (Bernstein, 1975; Willis, 1977;
Bourdieu and Passeron, 1977; Bowles and Gintis, 1976; Jonsson, 1987). In simple
word, education are universal and can being accepted by all person in the


In simple definition, innovation is creating something
new. It is the process that translating the idea or invention that creates
values. Innovation
is generally understood as “… the successful introduction of
a new thing or method” (Brewer
and Tierney, 2012). In this era nowadays, the innovation is
needed because it can improve the existing products or services or systems. It
is important for companies or firms so that they can sell their products in
long period of time.


Innovation of education is refer to the create
something new to the educational sector. In every country in this world,
government are responsible to the educational sector. Lets take Malaysia as an
example. The government has established its educational sector under Ministry
of Education of Malaysia. This ministry are responsible to monitor each and
every one educational level in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the educational level are
from primary, secondary, higher and also vocational level. So it is on ministry
of education responsibility to take care all of this level. Despite all of this
level, the education in Malaysia is in lower rate compare to other develop
country. This is because there is no such innovation in this system. Most of
educators were using the traditional methods and also the facilities were in
poor condition. Moreover, the mind set of the students generally has influenced
the poor education in Malaysia.


Effect of technology in education


When referring to technology, it is using the latest
equipment or latest method instead the old one. Nowadays, almost in every countries
in the world has adapt this sort of technologies in education. From the new
teaching method until the modern equipment used, the education system has fully
changed. But, the problem is questions what are the effect of technology in the
education particularly in higher education level. Most of people in this era
see the technology adaption in the education is much easier especially to
students. But they must think it is using these technologies can help to
improve students grade in examination. The use of technologies nowadays such as
tablets, smartphones and etc. are very important to keep students up to date
but the implication are these students might have cultural shock in using these
technologies. For instance, in primary and secondary level of education, most
students were using books and blackboard as their methods. But when jump to the
universities, most of them unable to make use of it. This is because that
technologies are useful but the attitude of students on using tablets and
smartphones are not right. They using it for fun and not concentrate in
learning. Even though teachers or lecturers are giving all out in teaching, but
they still cannot make use of it and it will make the technologies are not
necessaries for students generally. The innovation that created are simple,
that is to make a learning process easy and understandable. So in this case,
the government plays a big role to face the challenges and think a way to
overcome this situation.


2. Lack of practices by students         


problem statement that occurs in the innovation towards the education is how
the Malaysia government especially the Ministry of Education want to implement
the innovation in education in higher education level. The current issues of
this topic is how they want to implement it despite the many restrictions and
also challenges that would become the barriers for them.


the problem occurs in term of technology. As we all know, the revolution of the
technology in 21st century is commonly used in every industry in the
world including the educational sector. The problem is ministry of education itself
do not have proper technologies to use it at every university or campus in
Malaysia. This is because in certain campus, the budget is the biggest issue.
Without proper budget it is impossible for them to apply the newest
technologies in every campus in entire Malaysia.   


the problem is lack practices by students. When the innovation of education can
be pursue in every universities, the problem will be follow as well. The
problem is when innovation can be apply, there will be lack practice by
students. In other words, when ministry of education are ready to apply, every
students will show no interest to follow it. This is because students right now
will feel more pressure if the changes happened in their campus. They will feel
more burden that they will carry if any changes happen in their campus.


but not least the cyber security system. When apply industry 4.0 in company,
definitely security is important to the companies. This is because when the
companies have a strong security, no one can steal the information in the
e-storage or the system storage. But the problem is the security might not be
working on the updated threats in the future like the dangerous virus that
might be ruin the company’s systems.






The research questions of this study are
as follow:

1.      Does technology
influence the innovation in education?

2.      Does student’s
practice influence the innovation in education?

3.      Does the student’s expectation influence the
innovation in education?



The objectives of the study are as follow:

1.      To study whether technology are the challenges for the ministry of
education to implement the innovation in education.

2.      To study whether the lack of practice by students are the challenges for ministry
of education to implement the innovation in education.

3.      To study whether the student’s expectation towards the innovation are the
challenges for ministry of education to implement the innovation in education.




This research will
focus on the challenges that will occurs
when the ministry of education want to implement the innovation in education. It will also study on the  challeges that occurs in implementing theis
innovation for the education.





1.6.1 Level

These study is
limited only to the final year degree students in UiTM Kedah. The target
respondent of this research are final year degree students of semester five for
certain faculties in UiTM Kedah.


1.6.2 Territory

study will be conducted in UiTM Kedah.


1.6.3    Time

This research will be
conducted within one semester which is from September 2017 until January 2018.


1.7       RESEARCH

This study aims to make the readers more understand about the challenges
that might be occurs in educational sector especially Ministry of Education in
Malaysia in implementing the innovation of education in higher educational level.
This study are also want to give more understanding about the disadvantages of
innovation in education particularly in higher educational level when the
ministry of education want to implement it. If the result are shown the disadvantages
of implementing the innovation of education in higher educational level, there
is no reason for the ministry of education to apply it. Hopefully, this study
will able to help the ministry of education and also publics especially
students to understand more on the innovation in education.