1.0 the organisations contribute to the functioning of

1.0  Introduction

Fast Food sector is expansive and McDonald’s are one of the best driven outlets
in this segment. They are broadly perceived for the span of their edibles and
the extensive parts of nourishment you get for your cash. The main focus of
this report is to outline the service concept provided by the company, how it’s
implemented and conveyed to externals. It also explains how the operations of
the organisations contribute to the functioning of the service concept. The
operation system covers a lot of areas such as the delivery system and what the
aim is, is the main focus just to make sales or to build a relationship and
obtain their loyalty? It has been reflected that there are a wide range of
service organisations, it is essential to survey how well operations inside
various associations execute the service concept. In addition to this the
report will provide some recommendations on how McDonald’s can improve their
delivery and concept if improvement is needed. 

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2.0  McDonald’s and its service

service concept is designed to unite and act as a mediator between the
organisation and its customers. A businesses service concept can unite both
customers and employees and create a business advantage. (Johnston, Clark and
Shulver, 2012, p40). The service concept has three key elements which will be narrated
and can also be found in Appendix 1. 


2.1  The organising idea

organising idea of McDonald’s is basically to give great quality sustenance to
their customers. It is clear to see that throughout the years McDonald’s have advanced
as an organization obviously due to variations that has been made to their
mottos throughout the years, with the trademark that still remains today from
2003 ‘i’m lovin’ it” this enables clients to settle in sharply and simply make
their choices to buy from this fast food eatery in addition it enables them to
identify with it. “2016/17 saw Burger King, Nando’s, McDonald’s, Burger King
and KFC roll out home delivery functions. Given the fact that 34% of burger or
chicken diners have ordered home delivery from burger or chicken restaurants
bodes well for this trend” (Mintel, 2017). This reflects that McDonald’s are
aware of the environmental change and have adapted to this change by matching
up with their direct competitors.


2.2  The service provided

the service concept, McDonald’s provides a service that is imperative with the
goal that they can see how clients feel or are feeling amid their involvement
with the fast food eatery. Additionally,
further studies have suggested that McDonald’s need clients to feel good and
satisfied by adding unique highlights to their eateries, for example, Wi-Fi has
appeared in Appendix A. consolidating Wi-Fi to their eatery suggests that
individuals can utilize their PCs, tablets and telephones whilst eaten and
complete their work, giving McDonald’s an advantage on their competitors. ”the
construct of perceived value has been identified as one of the most important
measures for gaining competitive edge” (Parasuraman, 1997) this clearly
indicates that besides ensuring that customers have a good experience,
McDonald’s have also identified the important values of its consumers.




2.3  The service outcome

  A vital aspect of the service perceived is
the passionate/emotional element. It is essential for McDonald’s to comprehend
and follow up on likely feelings that purchasers may feel amid their
experience. McDonald’s aim is to keep up being number one in the burger
business and retain this edge on its competitors, also to take into account
client needs with the goal for them to get the most ideal results. At
McDonald’s clients can appreciate an assortment of meals, salads, sweets and
free Wi-Fi to use at their own particular circumspection at reasonable costs.
(See Appendix A). This leads to the consumers having a great experience, making
them likely to make use of McDonald’s and possibly commend to loved ones and
friends. (See Appendix B)


3.0  Explain how the operations
of the organisation contribute
to the functioning of the service concept.

respect to McDonalds they have a great deal of operational territories to
concentrate on, however this report will take a gander at three key zones; the
physical store format and condition of the eatery, the workers and occupation
plan and ultimately, the sustenance sold. According to (Johnston, Clark and
Shulver, 2012, p40) “regular review of the service concept will help prevent
the service operation slipping into what may be termed the provider mentality
thinking that the customer will love us because we know that what we provide is


3.1  The physical store layout
and environment

reflected in appendix A, the service concept is to be the top leading fast food
restaurant ”i’m lovin’ it” (McDonald’s 2016). Stores layout have a
significant impact on way of which the consumer behaves.  Farias,
Aguiar and Melo suggested that the operational managers of the outlet would
need to ensure that shop layout, overview and facilities need to be off a high
standard in order to ensure that the customers are comfortable and have an
unforgettable experience. “Also, the retail space, meaning the proximate
environment that surrounds the retail customer, is never neutral. It will
always influence the individual. The retail store is a group of cues, messages,
and suggestions that communicate to buyers.” (Farias, Aguiar and Melo,
2014).  In recent years McDonald’s tend
to modernize their restaurant layout every other month, McDonald’s have
presented an ”Experience of the Future” retail outline idea, detailed insight
shall be given down in this report. In addition, observation have clearly
indicated that McDonald’s make it a tendency for cleaning the eatery and
furthermore make it essential to carry out toilet checks. It is essential they
do that in light of the fact that the cleanliness level of the eatery can
disappoint clients and potentially influence the client’s judgment. (See
Appendix C)








3.2  Job design and employees

delivers a service that is said to be the pivot of the service concept as the representatives
get to interact with the customers and experience it all first hand on an
everyday premise. This suggests workers are in charge and expected to
articulate with the customers at professional standards and provide them with
immaculate customer service. The interview process used at this company is
standardised. This gives each individual an equal chance at attaining the job
”identify an applicant’s potential to be a successful McDonald’s employee”
(Businesscasestudies.co.uk, 2016). When analysing McDonald’s job design, it is
reflected that a job rotation takes place which is gainful as it assists with
work fulfilment, this prevent the work from being less dull and repetitive also
given staffs the opportunity to utilise their time and focus on general
cleaning or any other task at hand. All these measurements will lead to the
workers feeling important and part of the company’s plan giving them a good
feeling within and bringing the best out of them. ”recognise that people do
well when they feel good in their job, so we go all-out to create the right
working environment for everyone” (McDonald’s, 2016).


4.0  Asses how well the
operations implement the service concept

the creator’s understanding as a client, McDonald’s are effectively executing
numerous parts of their service concept. An illustration is that customers have
a wide selection of alternatives with reference to how they make their
purchase. Due to the improvement of innovation and development inside the
store, customers are now able to choose whether they will utilize the
self-service machines, click and collect or go straightforwardly to the till.
In this way, it is advantageous for both staff individuals and customers.
Recent updates reflects that the modernised store design has led to an upturn
in sales as it is less time consuming for the customers to make their purchase.
“Customers are now able to order food at giant touch-screen terminals and there
have been changes to the menus including the introduction of Signature
Collection “premium burgers”, which can be cooked to customer specification”
(Banks, 2016). Additionally to Appendix B it clearly indicates the customer’s
possible emotions from their stance, ensuring that these services are of a high
level will lead to a form of routine problem solving.

McDonald’s service concept delivers and achieves the aims and objectives, there
is still space for improvement. A possible perceived weakness would be the lack
of customer interaction, because failing to interact with the customer prevents
you from having an insight on their feels towards the products and service.
This will be beneficial to the company as it allows them to obliterate any
issues that may have occurred.  The report is conducted in order
to reflect the significance of the service method provided by McDonald’s and
provide the audience with a better understanding. Companies tend to use various
aspects to cater to the consumer’s need, these aspects are the environment and
the store’s layout. It is clearly reinforced that McDonald’s are aware of the
significant technological change in society and have implemented the
self-service check out system to bridge the gap and ensure that they aren’t
fixated in time. The service concept at McDonald’s focus more and the shop lay
out and fast services, there isn’t much focus on customer satisfaction unlike
other restaurants were staffs ask and ensure that the customers are satisfied.
Getting an insight on how consumers view the service provided would make the
service concept more efficient. Furthermore, it also makes the costumer feel
appreciated this could lead to a good relationship.